What are the Risks of Having Gaps in Your Smile?

The dental arch consists of a number of teeth that work together to provide optimal mouth function. Having all the sockets in the dental arch occupied also helps to protect dental health. It is for these reasons that dentists encourage patients to consider suitable missing teeth replacement solutions like dental implants in Bromley when they lose natural teeth to decay, disease or an unfortunate occurrence. In the UK, 67 percent of adults suffer from tooth loss, impeding their ability to live a quality life. These adults encounter challenges in eating, putting their physical health at risk. In addition to this, their confidence may be affected due to speech irregularities and the awkwardness of a gap-toothed smile. Developments in the field of dental restoration have made available exciting treatment methods to restore the oral health and function of patients who have teeth missing. Tooth replacement implant treatment plans offer a reliable, stable and relatively long-term solution, giving patients the peace of mind to once again carry out their normal routine with confidence. 

Undesirable consequences of losing natural teeth 
Patients who have lost natural teeth may find the gap in the dental arch an unsightly frustration but there are other threats to dental, physical, and mental health that need to be considered too. The detriment to jawbone health is a serious consideration when natural teeth are lost, but this consequence is often not the first thought of by patients. The impact of a tooth falling out is not only felt above the gum line but below it too. Unseen by the naked eye, natural tooth roots play an important part in stimulating the jawbone to maintain its density. The loss of a tooth means the loss of the stimulation provided by the lost tooth root. This loss triggers the process of bone reabsorption which results in a shrunken aged facial appearance. Gum disease becomes a pressing concern. Vacant pockets in the dental arch become safe harbours for bad oral bacteria o thrive in. These harmful pathogens can also use these spaces to filter into the gums causing inflammation and allowing periodontitis to set in. Once gum disease has been established, this raises further worry for physical health. Patients with gum disease are also more likely to experience life-threatening complications as the gum-disease-causing bacteria can also attack the cardiovascular system. These patients are at increased risk of heart and lung health complications. 

Orthodontic issues
Not choosing to replace lost natural teeth may also open up orthodontic irregularities. Dental experts have discovered that gaps left open in the dental arch may encourage neighbouring teeth to move out of position, resulting in crooked teeth and improper bite issues. Teeth occupying unnatural positions are more challenging to brush and floss which means good oral hygiene will be that much harder to maintain. The more time that passes before patients seek a suitable dental restoration solution, there is the heightened possibility that more natural teeth can be lost. To avoid this unwanted consequence, it is imperative that patients consult an experienced dentist for the right dental restoration solution for their individual needs.