The Perfect Solution to Tooth Loss with Dental Implants Herefordshire

Losing a tooth leaves a lasting impression on a person's overall dental health and self esteem. Accidents are one of the biggest causes of sudden tooth loss among adults living in the United Kingdom. Traffic accidents or sporting injuries are never planned for and can cause a variety of injuries on a person’s body, when the mouth is hit with any impact this can cause injury to the teeth and can lead to someone to lose a tooth or several teeth depending on the force and point of an impact. Often, when someone has suffered from tooth loss they may start to investigate the ways that are available in the UK dental marketplace, this may lead them to look at bridges to replace a small number of lost teeth or dentures in cases where someone has experienced extreme tooth loss. However, neither solution offers a permanent solution to tooth loss and both come with their own challenges. What patients want is a one-time tooth loss solution that is fixed in place that is strong enough to withstand the rigours that the teeth go through when being used in daily life. For this reason, dental implants Herefordshire may be the solution that many patients have been looking for when seeking to address their personal tooth experience, as they are tough enough to cope with the rigours of daily use and will last a patient a lifetime if cared for correctly. 

A fixed-in-place tooth loss solution 
For those who are looking to replace missing teeth, dental implants represent a solution that is fixed in place that can be used just like natural teeth shortly after the treatment process is completed, giving the patient a sense of freedom when it comes to the food they wish to enjoy. First, a titanium screw is inserted into a patient’s jawbone, this will help to create a strong base for the new replacement tooth to sit on. The new tooth is made from a ceramic crown that will be coloured and shaped to allow it to blend in with any teeth surrounding it, this creates a look to the teeth that will appear natural when a patient is trying to inspect their new tooth or teeth. This treatment is suitable for use when replacing a single lost tooth or multiple teeth, making it a suitable treatment for many patients who have missing teeth in their mouths. 

Rebuild the smile 
For patients who have lost teeth at the front of the mouth, smiling may become an issue as they may seek not to smile as a way to avoid embarrassment. This may lead to someone starting to appear unapproachable and unfriendly to others when the opposite may be the truth. By replacing any teeth that are lost at the front of the mouth a patient can start to feel like they can begin to smile again and appear to be their natural self once more. 

A lasting change 
By replacing missing teeth with dental implants Herefordshire a patient can make a lasting change that will give them back their teeth and last them the rest of their life.