The Influence of Social Media on Our Appearance: Avoid 'Turkey Teeth!'

The ways in which we connect has evolved with the rise of technology, and people now rely heavily on the power of the internet and social media for almost anything and everything. People incorporate social media into their daily lives for numerous reasons, whether it be for work or leisure. Therefore, we're now increasingly more influenced by what others are doing and how others portray themselves in terms of appearance too. In particular, people look at how they can enhance their natural features, and one of the main things that they want to work on is their teeth. Many disagreeable dental practices have come into the limelight recently such as 'Turkey Teeth' where people are flying to Turkey and having unnecessarily harsh dental work done (such as tooth filing and adding crowns to healthy teeth). But there are plenty of excellent, high quality treatments you can have done by your own dentist at home, where you can be sure the work is done properly and by a fully trained professional. There are numerous ways in which people choose to enhance their teeth. One of the main ways is by aligning their teeth and making them straight. Having straight teeth gives patients a confidence boost and enables them to have the stunning smiles that they so want. 

What are the methods of straightening teeth? 
There are a number of ways that teeth can be straightened, without the need to file them down to stumps and then add crowns like many dentists in Turkey do. While they will take longer to achieve results, conventional braces and Invisalign are both options. These will move your teeth into place over time. 

Why is this the preferred method?
It's important to keep your teeth in tact as much as possible. The more healthy tooth you remove, the more likely you are to develop problems later on. The nerves of the teeth can die meaning you'll need root canal work done which can make teeth brittle and eventually lead to extractions. Methods that simply pull your teeth into position without any kinds of filing are safe and effective and ensure your mouth stays healthy over the course of your life. 

Why to avoid Turkey Teeth
The promise of flying to a hot country and having a holiday and coming home with a brand new set of sparkling white teeth might sound like an attractive prospect. But it's something to avoid at all costs, this kind of dental treatment unfortunately takes time if you want it to be done right. Trying to fast track results has lead to numerous issues in people who have had to pay huge amounts to have their teeth fixed back home. Many have paid the ultimate price by completely losing their otherwise healthy teeth.