How the Wand Has Revolutionised Local Anaesthesia

The Wand is a new, revolutionary way to administer local anaesthesia for dental procedures. First developed in the 1990s, this device has completely changed the way that a dentist Stevenage can provide pain relief for their patients. It is more accurate and causes less pain than traditional injection methods, as well as being easier to control and less scary to look at as, visually, it looks like a pen! 

What is the Wand and how does it work? 
The Wand is a device that uses a computer-generated image to help guide a needle to the correct location for local anaesthesia. The Wand has a number of advantages over traditional methods of administering local anaesthesia over standard syringes, including greater accuracy and precision, less pain for the patient, and fewer complications. 

How the Wand has revolutionised local anaesthesia? 
Since the Wand was introduced to the market, it has revolutionized how dental teams administer pain relief. This has many benefits over traditional methods of administering anaesthesia, but has had the biggest impact on anxious patients who find injections very daunting. As they can now undergo treatment with much less fear and discomfort. Making the wand also more suitable for use with children, who may also be apprehensive about undertaking dental treatment. A key part of low discomfort dentistry is patient-centred dentistry. The Wand allows clinicians to provide care to patients who might otherwise not have sought it out. It has allowed them to improve the quality of life for many people, and also shows that a surgery is committed to offering new technology and willing to adopt new techniques for the betterment of their patients and their wellbeing. 

How dental teams use the Wand for dental procedures 
The Wand is a hand-held device that uses a pulsed water jet to administer anaesthetic. This makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient and eliminates the risk of an injection-related injury. It is also more visually discrete than a needle, and it will not create that sharp sensation when it is placed on your gum. The Wand is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to administer the anaesthetic. It is painless and does not require any special training, meaning that most dental teams can use it with ease. The wand can also be used for all types of dental procedures, including extractions, fillings, root canals, and crowns. If you are looking for a dental team that can offer you treatment with the Wand, be sure to call around, as it is not available in all dental surgeries. 

In short 
The Wand is a great new tool that has helped dental teams around the country to administer numbing agents to their patients with minimum hassle. It is more comfortable, less intimidating than a needle and is also more precise. Meaning that when you leave the dental surgery, you are less likely to have a numb face. As before, if you are interested in attending a dental surgery that uses the Wand, aim to call ahead first.