How Important Is Good Oral Health, Really?

Keeping yourself healthy helps you to enjoy the things in life that you want to be able to do. The better your health, the more you are able to look after your family. Your mouth is the gateway to your body and as such you want to make sure that what you pass through your mouth is good for your health. Bacteria that results from tooth and gum disease can cause stomach problems, diabetes, anemia and may even lead to a heart condition. It is therefore obvious that you must maintain a proper oral hygiene program to maintain your overall health. 

Only two sets of teeth 
You are given only two sets of teeth in your lifetime and those are your baby teeth which are eventually replaced by your adult teeth. There are no further teeth that will grow and it is incumbent upon you to work hard to retain those teeth for the duration of your life. 

Don’t become complacent 
As a responsible dentist in Ipswich educating patients is a vital part of the dental care program. Of course there are those moments in life when for one reason or another we are unable to stick to a rigid oral maintenance regime. It is however important to return to your routine dental maintenance program as soon as possible. Brushing, flossing and regular six monthly dental visits is the generally accepted regime which is simple and effective. 

Don’t forget your family 
If you have a family, don’t forget to encourage them to stick to a regular dental maintenance program. Your dentist will gladly help you by educating the members of your family on the correct oral care program to follow that suits them. Take your children to the dental surgery with you when you go for your appointment. The friendly practice staff will happily look after your children while you receive treatment. By doing this you will also help your children to become relaxed in the dental surgery’s surroundings. They will become familiar with the staff, the sounds, sights and smells of the practice. Helping all the members of your family overcome dental anxiety is one of the best gifts that you can give them. 

Developing a relationship 
Dentists need to develop a relationship with patients in the same way that your doctor develops a relationship with you. To be able to be honest with a patient is important and having a candid conversation about the state of your teeth is important to be able to help you retain your teeth. Discussing the consequences of not adhering to a proper dental regime is easier when you and your dentist have an understanding relationship. 

Providing the full range of dental care treatments and more! 
As a dentist in today’s world we want you to regard your teeth as a tool to eat with which is vitally important for our health but they are also a way to express our emotions. When we smile we show that we are content and when we are happy we laugh. Both of these actions expose our teeth so we like them to look aesthetically as good as they can. Dental veneers, teeth whitening, teeth straightening and dental implants, bridges and dentures all help to achieve this objective. Your mental health therefore also benefits from proper dental care.