Are You Dealing With Dental Phobia? Support and Guidance

When it comes to trips to the dental practice, for some people, it is not a thrilling idea and can more often than not be put on the back burner. In some cases, a trip to a dental clinic can instigate feelings of dread and cause a multitude of mental and physical responses to the stress of the idea. For those suffering from these kinds of responses, it may spring to mind that the obvious thing to do is avoid dental checkups altogether; however, when it comes to your oral health, this is inadvisable. Avoiding regular checkup appointments may mean that your dental health suffers, leading to more extensive treatments being required, whereas regular attendance can help, in most cases, keep these at bay. Whilst you may feel alone with your fears and anxieties, rest assured that your dentist Fulham understands and will work with you from start to finish. Below are just some of the ways in which the dental world tackles dental phobias. 

Open communication 
The power behind simple conversation is often overlooked, but in truth, it is an extremely powerful and effective way to help people through tough times. Nervousness around the idea of a trip to the dentist is not uncommon; therefore, opening up about your fears can set you on the right path. By informing your dentist of any concerns or worries that you may have, you can rest assured that they will go the extra mile to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Set yourself up for success and do not take on your fear by yourself, the dental team is your team, so use their support. If you are interested in meeting the team or taking a look around before your appointment, just contact the practice and they will organise a visit for a quieter time of day. 

Now, this may sound a little odd, but being distracted from the sounds and sights of the equipment can make a huge difference for some individuals. It may be that the headphones go in, the music or audiobook goes on and the sounds from the practice simply disappear, helping you relax into your seat. Alternatively, with all the different types of modern technology, it may be that you focus on a specific image or the TV whilst your dental team gets to work on your teeth. Creating an alternative sound and image to focus on can make a huge difference in some cases and is often highly effective. 

Regular checkups are a fantastic way to reduce the need for more intensive treatments; however, dental checkups can still cause concern for some patients. With this in mind, it is possible to have an appointment that is more focused on the use of digital scans and x-rays, leaving less room for physical examinations. Although an element of a physical examination will take place, primarily, it will be based on the use of technology, leaving less need for poking and prodding around the mouth. 

No matter what level of fear you suffer from, let your dental team know from the outset so that they can work with you going forward and ensure you still get the oral health care you need.