Are Invisible Braces The Right Treatment For You?

When faced with a crooked smile, your self-esteem may be lowered, and you may consider ways of straightening and improving your smile. The fixed brace method, which is still widely used and highly effective, may feel a little too visible for your own personal taste, and the whole world visibly seeing the brace may put you off treatment altogether. However, tooth realignment does not always need to be a highly visible experience. One of the more modern and popular choices of tooth realignment is invisible braces Clapham. 

What is an invisible brace? 
An invisible brace is precisely what it is; a discreet, comfortable tooth realignment treatment that fits snugly and discreetly onto the teeth. With a variety of different invisible brace treatments on the market, finding a comfortable solution to fit in with daily life has never been easier. 

One of the more popular tooth realignment options is known as Invisalign. This particular method uses a series of plastic, tailor-made aligners that can fit precisely to your teeth. Being in place for 22 hours a day with removal recommended solely during mealtimes or daily oral hygiene processes, this particular tooth realignment process guides the teeth into new positions using particular pressure points. When following the Invisalign treatment plan as per your dental team's instructions, within as little as 6 to 18 months, your new, replenished smile can be in place. The important part to understand is that this duration can vary between each patient, but your dental team will be able to advise on the length of time expected. Invisalign remains one of the more popular dental realignment treatments for a variety of reasons ranging from its discreet nature to the ease of maintaining the oral hygiene process. On top of all this, there is relatively little or no change to the daily diet as the aligner is removed during meal and snack times. Realigning the teeth without the world knowing has never been easier. 

Damon System 
The Damon System is for patients who are facing more complex dental realignment problems and are still in need of a fixed brace system. Consisting of transparent brackets bonded to the teeth and transparent wires attached, this particular fixed brace option continues to remain discreet, which benefits the individual greatly. Whilst the discreet appearance of the brace is important, it is also vital that the method is as comfortable as possible whilst the teeth are realigned. With this in mind, unlike the traditional fixed brace, the Damon System uses archways that are held in position using a passive slide system. This system keeps the wires in the brackets without strenuous amounts of tension, ensuring that the wires create less friction within the mouth. This particular transparent dental realignment treatment enables patients with more severe and complex alignment issues to reposition their smiles whilst remaining discreet. 

Understanding which treatment is the one for you 
When you first begin to uncover different tooth realignment options, it is easy to get lost in all the different elements of each one, and although you may have a particular preference from the outset, it may not be suited to your individual case. Therefore, it is important to open up communication with your dental team to gain a better understanding of which options are available and the most effective for your smile. Through a consultation process which will include a physical examination, digital scans and a general discussion with you, you and your dental team will be able to create a suitable treatment plan. 

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