What Makes a Modern Patient Attraction System?

A successful patient attraction system in this era of digital technology, in 2022, is very different to the strategies which were in use a few decades earlier. To have a lucrative patient attraction system you need to build up a strong online presence. Everyone is searching for their dental needs online and the days of patient loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals are a thing of the past. Even if a patient refers you to their friend or family it is more than likely that this referral will be followed up by a Google search. It is vital that when a patient searches for your dental practice online or is searching for a dental practice in general that you have a strong online presence. It needs to be that the patient is directed to you so that you do not lose that patient to one of your competitors. Speak to a digital marketing team today who specialise in dental marketing to find out about modern dental marketing techniques. You must make sure that you are in keeping with current trends and can attract patients on a regular basis so that you can grow and expand your business. 

Social media marketing 
A good dental website and engaging social media pages are key to successful dental marketing, they deliver a good patient attraction system to help appeal to the audience of today. The majority of adults in this country are active on at least one social media platform and it is an excellent method of marketing your dental practice. These platforms can display the treatments and procedures that are available at your dental practice, and let patients know why they should undergo dental treatment with you rather than the other dental practices in the area. Social media marketing helps you engage with both existing patients and potential patients on an informal basis. It is a preferred method of communication by a significant percentage of the population, especially young adults. It also gives you the chance to update patients on daily activities at the dental practice, successful treatments, case studies as well as special offers and promotions. By making sure that you are creating new posts on a daily basis you will appear on your patients’ news feeds each time they visit their social media account. The more they are exposed to your name and brand the more familiarity this will create, and they will associate your name with good dental care and fantastic customer service. 

A strong online presence 
An official website is also essential for a successful patient attraction system. As everyone is using Google to look for local businesses or what is most recommended in the area, you will require a Google My Business account. This is in addition to a strong collection of Google reviews and ratings which potential patients can read through to help them decide on visiting you in person and addressing their dental needs with you. By carrying out regular audits, you can ensure that your website is able to provide a fantastic user experience. It needs to be easy to navigate and accessible for all, as well as be available on all smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets. You need to implement techniques and strategies to confirm that your website is optimised for Google, with search engine optimisation. It needs to rank highly on search engine results lists for dental practices in the area. Speak to your marketing team today to learn about digital dental marketing and ensure that you have a good patient attraction system for your dental practice.