Improving Your Self Confidence as You Age: What Does it Take?

One of the great things about getting older for many of us is that we simply care less about what people think. When you're young and impressionable you're more likely to want to impress others, follow trends, fit in and you're generally very aware of how you come across to other people. As time goes on you become more accepting of yourself, you scrutinise less and this change in perspective is often very welcomed if you've always struggled. However, it doesnt mean that you suddenly stop caring at all, most of us still want to look nice for our own self esteem and for our partners. Us women especially can find that after having kids, we no longer know what our style is, how to dress for our age or body shape and can fall into a bit of a rut. If this sounds like you, why not consider some of the following to give your self confidence a boost?

Go to the hairdresser
Whether you want to completely overhaul your appearance or just freshen up what you have, going to the hairdresser is a fast way to improve your look. You could get some extensions or have a big chop. You could go lighter or darker. You could add a fringe or try out a new style. If you've been wearing your hair the same way since you were young, it might not be flattering you as much as you'd like now that you're a little older. So go in with a few ideas and an open mind and see what the stylist recommends. 

Get some new clothes
There's nothing wrong with dressing for comfort, but if you've lost yourself to your leggings and your loungewear then maybe it's time to try something new? Maybe your body shape has changed and you no longer know how to dress, the best thing you can do is to search Youtube and social media for styling advice. Search influencers that are a similar age and size to you if you want to be inspired and from there you can find what you enjoy wearing. A bold new print or colour, a pretty dress or some cool new shoes might be what you need to bring back the inner 'you'. 

Change your makeup
Makeup is a great way to accentuate your beauty or completely change your look, depending on how you use it. There's so many easy to follow tutorials online, and the best part is you can just have fun with it. If you dont like how it turns out, wash it off and try again! Spending a few minutes each morning putting on concealer, mascara and a brow product can make all the difference to how you look and feel. As we age our skin changes, so the products you once used might not be a fit any more so test out some new things. Alternatively you could visit a beauty counter who will make recommendations that are personal to you and your skin's needs.