Addressing the Positive Impact of Dental Implants Brentwood

Suffering the loss of a tooth or teeth is not something anybody wants to experience, as it can be a painful and traumatic thing to go through that always leaves a lasting impression upon a person’s mouth. The loss may also impact the way someone uses their mouth in order for them to be able to minimise any discomfort they may feel in the area of the loss. This may lead to a change in eating habits as tougher foods may start to be avoided or smiling might now be with a closed mouth, particularly in cases where the tooth loss is towards the front of a person’s mouth. Many people who experience tooth loss start to investigate the various ways to overcome the loss, historically this may have led them to investigate devices such as bridges and dentures, that come with their own challenges and do not offer the patient a permanent solution to their tooth loss. With the use of dental implants Brentwood, patients can now receive a permanent, fixed in place solution to their tooth loss that feels as natural as their own teeth, and will last them a lifetime when cared for correctly. 

The closet way to give a patient back their lost teeth 
What many patients who have suffered tooth loss want is a way to regain their teeth, so they can go back to using their mouths in the way they were used to before any loss. Dental implants may be the way back for patients to feel they have their natural teeth again.

The Procedure to give someone back their missing teeth 
The outline that is about to be given is for the procedure to insert a single replacement tooth, the procedure may vary when it comes to replacing multiple teeth. A dentist should be consulted for accurate details based on an individual case. First, a titanium screw is placed into a patient’s jawbone, this helps to form a strong and secure base for a new tooth to be placed on. The tooth itself will be created using a ceramic crown, that is then attached to the head of the screw. The crown will be shaped and coloured to match the patient’s other teeth; this should then allow the new tooth to effectively blend in with any remaining teeth in the area of insertion. This crown is strong enough to stand up to the daily rigours that the teeth are exposed to and with the proper care will never need to be replaced, brushing and flossing as recommended by the dentist should be the only care a patient needs to maintain the crown. 

Hidden benefits 
Once the implant is in place the hidden benefits start to become clear. There will be an encouragement of new bone tissue, this will help to strengthen the jaw with the area of the loss. Often following the loss of a tooth patients report a feeling that other teeth around the area of the loss start to feel loose, by replacing the lost tooth it is possible to add support for any other teeth in the area, making them feel secure once more.