Is Something Missing From Your Smile?

If you’ve had an accident, illness or medication that has caused you to lose one or more of your teeth, then you could be feeling upset and embarrassed about having gaps in your smile. Whether your teeth are missing due to these unavoidable issues or poor oral hygiene, there is a treatment that can give you back your smile whilst giving you a natural look in the process. Dental implants Harley Street can be used to replace your missing teeth by fixing the replacements to your mouth securely and this will allow you to have confidence in your teeth not going anywhere! 

What are implants? 
Dental implants are used to attach crowns, bridges or dentures to your mouth. Titanium screws are fixed to your jaw bone and these act as artificial roots for the crowns, bridges or dentures to be adjoined to using an abutment. Once the screws are in the jaw and the tissue has healed around it, they are firmly fixed in place and won’t be going anywhere so you can rest assured that your replacement teeth will be strong enough to perform their function. 

Why should I choose implants
There are so many reasons to go for implants. The fact that the replacement teeth are planted securely into the jaw bone means that the teeth won’t move around when you are chatting or tucking into your tea. You can chomp freely on an apple or a chewy baguette and feel confident that nobody will know you are wearing the prosthetics. The replacement teeth will be made to match any remaining natural teeth you have in terms of size, shape and shade. Another great benefit to implants is that they could also last you a lifetime. All you need to do is look after them by brushing and flossing as you would your natural teeth and visiting the dentist regularly for dental checkups. Another advantage to having oral prosthetics is that, when they are fitted, they protect any remaining natural teeth that you have left as well as the gums. Having gaps in your smile can leave the teeth and gums exposed to more bacteria. By filling in the gaps, you reduce this exposure and this means that the implants should allow you to have a healthier smile. Furthermore, from an aesthetic standpoint, your smile will be more attractive with no gaps in it and this should allow you to feel happier and more confident in how you look when you interact with others. 

Anything else I need to know? 
You will need to book a consultation with your dentist to find out if implants are the right treatment for you. They will examine your mouth and check if you have enough bone density in your jaw for the screws to be attached to. Don’t worry if there isn’t; your dentist may well be able to offer a bone graft. With oral implants, you don’t have to have anything missing in your smile - go for it and feel complete.