Will social media help my business grow?

If you are looking for a way to grow your dental practice and attract new potential patients, then social media can be a great way to do this. The popularity of social media is constantly growing, which means there are ever-expanding opportunities to attract potential new patients, making it a great method of dental marketing. The main social media platforms that are used are Facebook and Instagram, and people who use them will usually check them at least once a day, sometimes multiple times. 

How do I get a social media account? 
One of the many great things about social media is that it is free to set up an account, but it can bring endless opportunities. All you have to do is enter the name of your practice, supply an email address, create a password and you’re ready to go! Once you have created your account, you can start adding details to make it your own and stand out from the rest. 

What can I include on my social media page? 
There are so many things that you can add to your social media pages to try and boost their success, making it a great option for dental marketing Sydney. Firstly, some of the most important things to add is a profile picture and short item describing yourself and your practice. These are things that people will notice the quickest, so it is important to include them. Being able to add your contact details onto these social media platforms is also very useful, as this gives the user a direct way to book an appointment if they are interested in your treatments or have any further questions. You can also link your other social media accounts if you wish, which can bring more even more interest and user traffic. Once you have added the above details, it is important to add pictures and videos of your practice and how it works, whether it be of certain treatments or a virtual tour. Adding these can help to build trust between the user and your practice, as they can see with their own eyes what it is like. A video introducing you and your colleagues will also help to build confidence, as the user can see that you are genuine people. If you have a website, then this is another thing that you can link to your social media profile. This is handy because if someone comes across your social media account and wants to know more, they can go over to your website and research, and vice versa. This is just another way of gaining user traffic between your platforms, which boosts visibility online. 

One of the great benefits that comes with using social media for marketing dental is the amount of people you can connect with. A lot of the time, towns or certain areas in cities will have a local group where they can all discuss things that are happening in their area, which businesses are in that area and more. This is a great opportunity for you to become more visible to the people in your local area, as these are the people who are most likely to join your practice. The interaction that you get with people on social media is another great advantage that you can’t get on some websites. All social media platforms will have like, comment and share buttons which users can use if they like your content and want to engage. This can be great in growing your practice and becoming more visible. If you regularly interact with people who follow/like your content, they will be more inclined to choose you when they think about getting dental treatments.