Dermal Fillers W1 - The good... and the not so good

What are dermal fillers? Well, in short, fillers are a soft, injectable gel which consists of stabilized, non-animal hyaluronic acid. This gel can be injected into the skin to boost the skin’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid which in turn will reduce and in some cases eliminate the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Due to the simplicity of the treatment and the positive effects it can produce, fillers are becoming increasingly popular within society. 

The pros
Whilst some people age gracefully and without any noticeable lines or wrinkles, others feel self-conscious about their aging appearance and finding a solution to boost and add volume to the skin is important. This non-surgical procedure enables people to smooth out the lines and wrinkles that may be forming along with gaining a revitalised, youthful appearance. Whilst the treatment is not a permanent fix and wears off within around six to twelve months, depending on which filler is used, this does mean that should the individual change their mind about their appearance they can either wait for the effects to wear off or have a reversal treatment carried out. The reversal takes around four to six hours and can be carried out within the same dental practice that you had the treatment, this is if you have gone down this route for treatment. Therefore should the desired effect not be what you intended, you are luckily not stuck with it for months on end. The end result must be one that you are happy with, if it isn’t, then rather than suffer with a look that you feel self-conscious about you will be able to reverse it and continue with everyday life within a matter of hours. 

The cons 
Unfortunately, as with many products and items there are a variety of fake filler gels on the market. As these can be ordered online without any medical or authenticity checks happening you just do not know what you are having injected into your body. This can be extremely dangerous and whilst authentic fillers have a reversal method there are not guarantees that these fake copies would have the same. Along with the potential problem of having an untested product there is also the fact that anyone can inject the filler, currently there are many places and individuals with no qualifications or medical training that carry out these procedures. Whilst it is not illegal, it is advised against as it is important to understand the layout of the face so as to avoid mistakes occurring. Whilst fillers both facial or lip are considered to be a cosmetic treatment, this does not mean that the process should be carried out by anyone. Today’s society is one of appearance and confidence, and your own face is key! 

As with all treatments and procedures there are potential risks and that is why it is encouraged that everyone carries out their own research, discusses the treatments or procedures with their local dental team and goes to reputable practices to have any work carried out. By following this it reduces the risks drastically and ensures that the individual is getting the best result possible.