Could a Private Dentist Restore the Spark to Your Smile?

Let in the light 
As we leave a stressful and testing year behind us, it is time now that everyone ought to spend a little bit of care and attention to their own needs and wellbeing. During the course of the pandemic, many peoples attention and devotion was required elsewhere, as we all attempted to look after our family members and friends. Now, however, as the light at the end of the tunnels is drawing ever-closer, anyone who feels that they haven’t been applying as much attention to their dental health as they would have liked should contact a trusted and reputable dentist in Nottingham. By doing so they can ensure their teeth get the attention and care that they deserve and that no underlying dental issues - such as periodontal disease - have the time to develop further. 

What can a dentist do for me? 
If you - like many - haven’t visited the dentist for some time now, due to circumstances beyond your control, your best option would be to visit a dental hygienist. Rather than focusing the treatment they provide on dealing with a cosmetic or superficial issue, a dental hygienist's service is entirely based on getting the patient teeth in tip-top health. They achieve this through a number of treatments and approaches - from simple tips and at-home techniques to more advanced treatments such as a ‘scale and polish’. Anyone who is concerned about their dental health should speak to a trusted and reliable dental hygienist as a surefire way to restore their oral health and bring back the spark to their smiles. 

What's a ‘Scale and Polish? 
A scale and polish is a two-stage cleaning procedure that is regularly carried out by dental hygienists within reliable and trustworthy dental practices. The aim of a scale and polish is to eradicate any marks, stains and buildups of tartar and plaque all throughout the patient's mouth. The results of a scale and polish are frequently mistaken for cosmetic dental whitening, as there is often a visible brightness and freshness to the patient’s teeth after completing treatment. 

The process of getting a scale and polish usually goes like this: 
Firstly the dental hygienist makes an initial assessment of the patent teeth, to determine how much work they’ll need - and whether they need any additional treatments before beginning. After this, they then use a specialised dental tool called an ultrasound scraper to remove all buildups of tartar, bacteria and plaque from the patient's teeth. Hygienists always take extra care to make sure they remove all plaque and tartar from between the patient teeth - where buildups are more likely, and gum problems often develop. Following the ‘scrape’ stage in the process, the dental hygienist then uses a polishing tool to buffer and shine all throughout the patient's teeth. This gets rid of any residual plaque and bacterial residue and removes any surface-level staining or marks. After this, the patient teeth will be as healthy as possible - and look visibly cleaner and fresher. 

If you’re anxious about your current level of oral health, do not worry. Dental hygienists have seen it all, and no set of teeth are untreatable. Simply take action today and contact a trusted local provider of dental care to make a consultation.