Do you think I should play?

A Virtual reality experience London could be a good fit for a group of friends who are looking to experience something different. Some people can get bogged down in the mundane and doing the same thing day in and day out can quickly get very boring. This is something that Narvtar can help with because the experiences it offers are different from anything else. Patrons who want to step into a new world only need to be able to carry the laptop required on their back. They should also not have any broken bones and there are other ailments that should be taken into consideration. People who suffer from severe hearing loss or impaired vision should not play as the games rely heavily on the use of the senses. People with epilepsy or any related conditions or those who are heavily pregnant or have heart conditions should also not play. Safety always comes first with the games in question. This article will run through what games are available at this venue as well as what potential customers should do next. 

What games are on offer? 
The London Virtual Reality experience offers three games to people who are looking to dive into the unknown. Firstly, people can immerse themselves in the world of humans vs aliens! The aliens are invading the Earth and it is up to the team in question to source out some intelligence to defeat them. If aliens are not the team in question’s cup of tea then maybe a horde of zombies are! A horde of zombies are attacking the team and they need to be controlled. The final game is The Heist, where the team steps into the shoes of a police unit in order to combat an ongoing heist. Unfortunately, the heist is currently unavailable as social distancing cannot be maintained during this game. Onsite there is also a fully licensed bar, which is accompanied by a series of table games. These coupled with the VR experiences makes for a super interesting and unique evening out. In the next section it will be discussed how potential customers can get their tickets. 

What should I do next? 
If there is a team who are ready to experience virtual reality in London, then they should buy their tickets online. The tickets are available through a dynamic ticketing system, meaning that the earlier the tickets are bought the cheaper that they are. Therefore, it is in each team's best interest to book as early as possible. There is plenty of onsite parking which can be redeemed at reception. All team members should be over the age of 13 and those who are under the age of 17 should be accompanied by an adult. Tickets can also be bought on site, however, it is recommended that tickets are bought online to ensure that there is no confusion over slots. In the meantime anyone who is considering playing one of these games should assemble their team of five and prepare themselves to be thrown into the unknown. The experiences are waiting to be played.

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