Mouth Health: What to Expect From a Trip to Your Local Clinic

For many patients, anticipating a visit to their local dentist Navan can be both a stressful and unpleasant experience, which is why many dental clinics now wish to inform their patients of what to expect during their appointment to alleviate any trepidation. In addition to a general examination of their mouth, which many patients may already be aware of, there are several other standardised procedures that may be administered during a biannual check-up

A tailor-made dental experience 
Within the modern field of dentistry many clinics now tailor their patients’ oral care to their unique dental case. Despite offering tailor-made dental plans however, there are many routine procedures that can be expected during a visit to your local clinic. One example of a standard treatment may be a discussion of a patient's lifestyle factors such as smoking, for example, or a change in medication, which can affect the health of an individual's smile. 

What’s next? 
In addition to an oral assessment many patients may be suffering from a build-up of plaque on the surface of their teeth, this can be caused by poor brushing and is in fact extremely common. If your dental healthcare professional has noticed tartar they may suggest a scale and polish, a hygiene treatment which uses a combination of brushes and pastes to polish the surface of the teeth. 

Staying on top of your oral health 
Many patients may believe that a visit to their local clinic twice annually may be enough to maintain a good standard of oral health, however unfortunately this may not necessarily be the case. An individual can expect to be treated for a build-up of plaque during a routine check-up amongst other things, such as oral screenings and cavity detection, however taking care of your smile at home is just as important! 

Taking care of your teeth 
During a dental hygiene visit at your local clinic you may receive some pointers on how to take care of your smile in the comfort of your own home. Many patients may be aware that they should brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes, however dental healthcare professionals may wish to give you further dental advice. 

Finding the right dental hygiene routine for your smile 
For many patients with natural teeth the hygiene process may appear fairly straightforward, such as avoiding sugary foods for example, or using floss and mouthwash, however for patients with implant dentistry or veneers the regime may differ. In addition to personalised dental advice on taking care of your smile, dentists at your local surgery may also show you the correct way to brush with the use of interdental brushes (for example). 

Feeling nervous about your biannual check-up? 
If you are feeling anxious regarding your scheduled visit to your local surgery you are not alone! Despite common misconception dental anxiety is in fact extremely common within the field of dentistry and can be experienced by patients of all ages. 

So what can cause this? 
Arguably the most common trigger of a dental fear are negative childhood experiences which are then carried into adulthood. Dental anxiety can cause patients to postpone their appointment (or even miss it altogether) which can therefore have detrimental effects on the condition of their oral health. Be assured your dentist is able to put into action a number of strategies to help you manage any anxiety, just tell them in advance so that they can put them into place.