Making an Investment in Your Health

Dental implants in Bromley have fast become a sound investment that people both young and old are willing to take in order to maintain the full functionality and health of their smiles. There are many different situations that can benefit from this treatment. Whether a person has lost a tooth due to an injury, because of decay or dental disease, or they have lost multiple teeth and are looking for a permanent solution, a dentist will be able to discuss the many aspects of this treatment so that patients can be informed and ready to make the right decision. Crowns and bridges can be screwed onto the titanium insert that is surgically placed into a patient’s mouth. This means that they are a more permanent solution and people can move on with their lives without a constant reminder of having lost teeth. 

They are likely to last for several decades, making them highly successful and with very high satisfaction rates. One of the reasons behind their longevity is the use of titanium as the metal insert. This acts as a replacement tooth root and over time begins to bond and fuse with the jaw bone, essentially becoming a part of the jaw and like other tooth roots, a stable and lifelong structure is formed. Crowns and bridges are designed to look as natural as real teeth, meaning that there is very little concern about the appearance of a smile once the treatment is completed. Patients do need to be aware that these ceramic teeth do not bleach or stain, so should they undergo a teeth whitening treatment, these teeth will not react to it. 

What if a patient has dentures? 
Many patients find that after years of wearing dentures they begin to slip and slide around in their mouth. They can resort to using glue, but this can be uncomfortable, burdensome, and a bit of a drag. All-on-four is a way in which dentists can use the implant system to firmly hold dentures in place. Otherwise known as retained dentures, dentists can use four strategically placed titanium implants to use as anchors to hold dentures in place. Patients can remove the dentures at their leisure in order to clean them, or sleep without them, and still have confidence knowing that their dentures will not slip or come out when they don’t want them to. It is important to understand the implications of having this treatment so that patients can determine whether this treatment is suitable for them. A dentist is able to go through the advantages and any potential negative associations that can affect the decision. 

The main goal of both dentist and patient is to create a situation that is ideal for them. It is important to enjoy full functionality of a mouth so that people can smile, talk, and eat without concern or difficulty.