Looking To Have Dental Implants Fitted in Milton Keynes?

What are dental implants? 
Dental implants in Milton Keynes are a form of restorative dentistry which aims to replace, and therefore renew the function of a missing tooth within the mouth. As well as the restoration of normal dental functioning, implants also hold many aesthetic properties, dramatically improving the appearance of an area where there was once a missing tooth within the mouth. 

Why choose implants? 
Dental implants could be argued as the best possible form of tooth replacement possible, due to their stabilising properties, and long lasting dental results. Dental implants are not only appropriate for single tooth replacements, but they can also be used to replace several teeth within the mouth. Patients who may have lost two, three, or even four teeth may be recommended to receive a dental bridge. 

What is a bridge? 
Dental bridges are essentially several crowns, which can be supported by just one dental implant. Despite common misconception, dental implants are not only used for tooth replacement, but can also be used for denture stabilisation, making life easier for many older patients. 

Can this form of restorative dentistry be used to replace a whole row of teeth? 
Yes! Patients may look more towards dental implants to replace their teeth, due to their stabilising nature when compared to dentures, which can become extremely loose, and may be difficult to maintain. 

How do implants work? 
Dental implants consist of three aspects, one of which is the stabilising dental base. The base of the implant is a small titanium screw ( typically less than one centimetre long) which supports the abutment (commonly referred to as the connector), and the porcelain crown. The porcelain crown is unique in the way that it is matched perfectly to an individual’s shape, and shade of tooth. 

The treatment process 
The titanium screw is inserted within the jawbone initially, the abutment and porcelain crown can follow, but only once the area has completely healed. 

Why is it important to replace missing teeth? 
Patients suffering from missing teeth within the mouth, may not be aware of the issues that can develop when teeth are not replaced. Patients may leave missing teeth untreated due to a fear of the dentist, or financial concerns, however gaps left untreated can cause oral bacteria to build up, which can, unfortunately, lead to diseases and infections. Aside from infections, missing teeth can also cause surrounding teeth to move into the empty space, meaning years of orthodontic or dental work could be for nothing! 

Improving the appearance of your smile 
Quite aside from the decay of surrounding teeth, a gap within the mouth can also cause shrinking, or sloping of the face, which can diminish a patient's self-confidence. A tooth implant can reverse this, once again building up the bone within the jaw. 

Restoring the function of the mouth 
Missing teeth can result in difficulty when eating, drinking, or partaking in any other daily dental task, such as teeth brushing. Aside from making daily tasks harder, missing teeth can cause extreme discomfort, or even pain within the patient's mouth. Patients may also find that missing teeth can result in speech impairment, commonly known as a lisp, which can hinder a patient’s career and social prospects.