Landlords: Looking For a Good Deal on an Electrical Contractor? Five Things to Look For

Whether you have just purchased your first property or your fifth, you are going to need a reliable company to help you keep all the electrics, security, and even CCTV up to scratch. While it is often easier to go with the company you know, or choose the cheapest, this is not always beneficial in the long term, for yourself or your tenants. Like most landlord packages, many companies will try to lure you in with a low cost for all these services and more, for a price that is too good to be true. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. And it is likely that you will have additional charges added at a later date. When you are trying to find the ideal electrical contractor for your property in London, what should you hunt for to ensure that you get the best deal? Read on to find out. 

Free quotation 
When it comes to things being too good to be true, it may seem that getting a free quotation for the servicing of your property falls into this category. However, many electrical contractors offer this, and many companies like MM Electrical in London, are able to offer landlords managing homes with multiple occupants a quote for free, even if it is four storeys high with over two-hundred tenants! Fantastic value. 

Same-day services 
As a landlord, you are busy; you have your own life to run, as well as ensuring that all of your tenants are safe and happy. When you get a call from a tenant on a Saturday, who reports that their lights aren’t working, you will need to provide a solution on that day. Companies like MM Electrical in London offer seven-days-a-week services, with same-day call-out, meaning you can relax, and won’t have to worry about your tenants withholding rent or complaining to an external authority. 

No additional or hidden fees 
Many companies that service landlords, like MM Electrical in London, will often quote you a yearly charge for a set list of services. Once again, be wary of those costs that look too good to be true; you will need to check that there are no additional costs for an emergency or same-day call-out, and ensure that the overall cost that you pay includes labour, equipment and time spent. 

Emergency twenty-four hour service 
It can happen to anyone; you are sleeping at two in the morning, when a tenant phones to tell you that there is an issue with the lighting in their home. While you could tell them to wait until morning, you no longer have to. Make sure that the contractors who are looking after your property offer twenty-four hour emergency service, so you can get back to sleep knowing that the issue is in the hands of professionals. 

Qualified and efficient staff 
An efficient electrical contractor will be happy to show you their qualifications. Always make sure that their qualifications are valid under current UK law.