How Do You Choose The Right Dentist For You?

Many patients, especially those who are considering more serious dental treatments, may find it tough choosing the right dental clinic to suit their needs. Within the field of modern dentistry, clinics are not only offering routine general dentistry, but also more complex restorative, preventive, and cosmetic dental treatments. 

Making a decision 
Patients may base their decision on a wide array of factors, one of which may be financial. Patients who receive dental care under the National Health Service, those who are under eighteen, or in full time education, may lean towards clinics that offer NHS dental care, however many adults may wish for private dental treatments. Aside from money concerns, patients may choose a dental clinic based on convenience and go to their local surgery. 

Nervous patients 
Patients who suffer from anxiety within a dental or orthodontic environment may choose a dental clinic which is geared towards their needs. Nervous patients may feel more comfortable receiving treatment at a clinic which offers special treatments such as intravenous sedation, or hypnotherapy to calm their concerns. Aside from special medications, certain dental clinics may allow new patients to have a tour of the dental environment prior to treatment, therefore familiarising them with the environment in which they will receive their treatment. 

The cause of a dental phobia 
A dental phobia is an irrational fear of the dentist which can be caused by many factors. Arguably the most common causes of this are negative childhood experiences which can unfortunately be carried into adulthood. Dental anxiety is extremely common with patients in the area of dentistry, and can occur for patients of all ages (not just children!). Many anxious patients may feel as if receiving dental treatment (even if it is just a check-up) is a huge emotional investment, however there is of course a financial cost. 

The financial cost 
There are arguably many reasons why patients choose private dental care over the NHS. Certain dental treatments are simply not available under the National Health Service (such as tooth whitening which is considered as a cosmetic treatment), however some patients feel as if private care has benefits. Private dental care does have a financial cost, however patients at many modern dental clinics do not have to pay for their dental treatment upfront. 

Avoiding a lump sum payment 
Patients who wish to receive private dental care may not be able to pay for their treatment all at once and will therefore prefer to spread the cost over a period of time. Payment plans allow patients to pay for their treatment monthly, many clinics also offer 0% finance options. 

What is 0% finance? 
A 0% interest finance plan is essentially a payment plan which doesn’t charge patients interest on their chosen dental treatment. 0% interest finance plans are usually spread over twelve months, however many patients may prefer to pay for their treatment over a longer period of time (one to five years). Patients can pay for their treatment over a longer period, however there may be interest to pay in these cases, which will probably be at a competitive rate in financial terms.