How Can Orthodontics With Harley Street Benefit You?

Importance of a straight smile 
You’ve undoubtedly heard it said that ‘first impressions count’. Although you may not be fully aware to what extent this statement is true, and how significant the straightness of your smile may play on your potential job and life opportunities. A recent study which coraleted the connection between straight teeth and a person's perceived success found that nearly 29% of those who participated in the study believed that the first thing they noticed about a person was their face - and more specifically, their smile. When shown a series of candidates, the participants in this study found that those with straighter teeth were 45% more likely to be successful in a job interview, compared to those with crooked teeth but similar credentials. It also found that those who had straighter teeth were over 57% more likely to attract a date than those who had crooked teeth, based purely on an image presented to them. As such, those who suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth ought to seek out quality orthodontics in Harley Street to increase their potential and achieve all the success they possibly can. 

What are my options? 
First impressions are the basis of all human connection, and often within as little as 17 seconds, a person has made an almost irreversible assessment of your personality. As such, it’s imperative that you make a lasting impression, and present a smile which is straight and healthy. Thankfully, today there are a number of orthodontic options available to help you achieve this goal, with many of them allowing you to do so without affecting your outward appearance throughout the process. One such treatment, which has gained a massive following over the past decade from both younger and elderly patients alike, is the Invisalign retainer system. The main reason for this procedure's success is that it allows you to achieve a more cohesive and straighter looking smile, without going through the conventional channels of metal brackets or wires - which, although they are effective in their purpose, are generally impactful on the outward aesthetics of those who require them. Invisalign however, swaps out brackets and wires with a transparent set of removable dental retainers. 

How does it work? 
Each of these retainers are made to fit perfectly over the patient's teeth to the point that they are virtually undetectable when they are worn. Another benefit of this method of orthodontics is that it is generally considered to be far more comfortable than conventional braces, which are often cumbersome or impede on the patient's ability to eat certain foods. Through Invisalign however, patients can enjoy all the luxuries afforded to those who are not undergoing dental realignment, while simultaneously achieving a straighter looking, more attractive smile. The Invisalign method has an almost unprecedented satisfaction rating of over 96%, largely due to both its discrete nature as well as the comfort and durability of the retainer set. Additionally, as each retainer can be periodically removed, patients can opt to carry out the alignment process at a time or location which is convenient to them. Those who opt for this method of dental realignment usually find that it has a truly positive impact on both their self-esteem, smile, and the opportunities that their new smile provides them with.