How Can a Great Smile Give You More Confidence?

Each year, a rising amount of people are taking action against their insecurities surrounding their smiles. Everyone, at some point or other, has felt self-conscious about how their teeth look on a superficial basis, be it having teeth which are crooked, stained or have uneven gum-level. You needn't hide your smile away, but rather join the countless others across the country who are seeking out the help of a dentist in in W1 to regain control over their smiles and their self-esteem and no longer be ruled by something trivial and easily solved such as cosmetic dental issues. 

Cosmetic tooth whitening 
Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry which has come on in leaps and bounds in the wake of the digital age. Whilst in the past, those who suffered from issues such as a ‘gummy smile’ or crooked teeth would generally have to (excuse the pun) ‘grin and bear it’, today these concerns can be easily addressed through the range of readily available cosmetic options which are out there. One of the most actively sought after methods of cosmetic dentistry today, is cosmetic teeth whitening. A great portion of the population often find that their smile isn’t as white as they would perhaps like it to be. Whether the dullness or greyish hue on their enamel has come about through aging, or from certain lifestyle factors such as smoking or drinking stainful beverages, patients can now have the brightness of their smiles fully restored through cosmetic dentistry - often in only a matter of hours. This is achieved by the application of a specialised dental peroxide-based whitening gel to the front of the patient's teeth. This gel begins to work almost immediately in eradicating any stains or discoloration by the bleaching agent in it burning off any stains and restoring the patient's teeth to a whiter shade. There are also a who range of home-whitening kits which allow patients to achieve a whiter smile from the comfort of their own homes - although over a longer period of time. 

Gum contouring 
Another, transformative form of cosmetic dentistry is gum-reshaping or contouring. This is a process which is designed to address patients who have gums which are uneven or overlap their teeth. Those who have a ‘gummy smile’ often refrain from smiling due to their insecurity which, as you could imagine, can often have a seriously damaging effect on their social and mental well-being. Today however, a patient's gums can be fully and permanently reshaped so that their smile is even and more cohesive. This is achieved through various means, but often involves the use of a painless dental laser which removes any excess gum tissue. In instances where more severe treatment is required, the entire tooth structure of the patient can be altered through dental surgery. The effects on the self-esteem and confidence of those who seek out cum contouring is often vast, as it fully restores their ability to smile freely and without care and completely transforms the shape of their smile and the amount that they can utilise it.