Health and Beauty Go Hand in Hand When it Comes to Your Oral Hygiene!

Dentists focus their attention on ensuring that their patients have a healthy smile that they can enjoy for as long as possible. They do this by using three different fields of dentistry. When an individual goes to the dentist, they will be offered treatment to prevent any issues from arising, to restore the health of teeth and gums should there be disease or decay, and to improve the appearance of a smile so that patients are more confident with how it looks. These three combined create a complete oral health care system. They generally overlap, where one treatment can be seen as both restorative and cosmetic for instance, and are constantly improving to be more effective, last longer, and less expensive. 

It is important to understand that by working through all three of these fields, the ultimate goal of the dentist is to create a healthier smile. A healthier smile will last their patient longer and be enjoyed. When people love their smiles, they are more likely to take care of it with a detailed and accurate oral hygiene routine. Also, when a person loves to share their smile, there are a multitude of additional benefits that they can experience. They can look younger, healthier, elevate one’s mood and allow others to perceive them as more likeable and competent. A cosmetic dentist in Bromley understands the holistic balance between emotions and health. By caring for the mouth and creating a smile that their patients are happy with, they are improving their patients overall health and wellbeing as well. 

What treatments are available? 
As mentioned before, many cosmetic treatments also overlap into the other two realms of dentistry as well. An example of this is that fillings are a common restorative treatment that remove decay from a tooth and fills in the cavity that has been formed. The usual material for this is a type of metal which can be obvious when a person opens their mouth. However, a cosmetic solution is a white filling that cannot be seen when a person smiles. Other treatments include teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. Both ways enable patients to enjoy a brilliant, whiter, smile in a very short amount of time. When cared for correctly, both treatments can last a long time. 

Straightening teeth can also be a cosmetic treatment, especially when the means in which to straighten teeth are invisible. Either fixed or removable braces are common these days and a dentist will explain to their patient what option will be the best for their personal situation. Other aligners are available, depending on the severity of the misalignment of teeth. It is hugely beneficial for an individual’s health and overall wellbeing to straighten their teeth as they can greatly reduce the chances of dental decay. Crossed or tightly cramped teeth can be more difficult to clean and bad bacteria can build up causing bad breath and even cavities. Teeth that are neatly in line are less susceptible to damage during a fall as well.