Getting Straight Teeth in the Comfort of Your Home- Is it Possible?

By ensuring that teeth straightening is easier and more convenient than ever before, dental professionals at Clear Braces Direct in London are providing oral health care to a broader range of individuals who may never have opted to have their teeth healthier and more beautiful. It has come to the attention of caring and compassionate dentists that a lot of people simply find that they do not have the time to undergo complex and lengthy teeth straightening procedures, even if they understand the benefits of having straight teeth. There are also many individuals who find that they have strong levels of dental fear and in particular, fear of braces, and the thought of frequently visiting a dentist to tighten their traditional braces sends them running the other way. With this treatment plan, patients can enjoy a unique means to straighten their teeth in the comfort of their own home. 

How does this work? 
Software advances mean that dentists need only take a scan of their patient’s teeth in order to ascertain the precise method in which to straighten teeth in the most cost effective and convenient way. Patients can then agree to a predetermined program that has been specifically designed to work with their dental structure to push teeth to their correct position. The costs are laid out up front and once a patient agrees to the plan and gives a deposit, the aligners are made and sent out to the patient’s home. They can enjoy a strong support group of other individuals who are going through the same treatment, as well as the advice and support of a vast community of dentists who have been specifically trained in this procedure. The result is a personalised care system that is convenient and a fraction of the cost of other teeth straightening devices due to the reduced amount of one-on-one time that is needed between patient and dentist. 

Who is this for? 
For those who are too busy for complex treatment plans, a little bit nervous for regular dental visits and looking for a cost effective solution that will still provide outstanding results. Patients do need to go through an initial consultation to ensure that they are suitable for the treatment as more complex situations may not be treatable with this streamlined method. Dentists are eager to provide their patients with meaningful solutions and therefore ensure that those who undergo the treatment are most likely to achieve the results that they seek.  Detailed images and information is given to the patient before they agree to the treatment program so that they can see for themselves what the computer software has designed as an expected final result. 

It is important that the individual wearing the aligners adheres to the guidelines for how often to wear them and when to change them. Only by doing as they are directed to do can they get the results that they are hoping to see. Patients are always welcome to ask any questions throughout the entire treatment.