How Invisalign Can Help With Overbites

An overbite, where your upper front teeth overlap with your lower front portion of your mouth, is a fairly common issue. Most people have at least a small overbite to one degree or other and as we get older it can create quite a few problems, depending on how pronounced it is. But that’s where Invisalign braces come in, using these see-through aligners your dentist at your local practice in St John’s Wood will be able to reduce your overbite woes. 

How the braces can help with overbites 
This brace can help reduce your overbite problems by using a small amount of directed pressure to slowly realign your teeth to a nicer, straight looking position within your mouth. This is managed by simply wearing the appliance, as directed by your dentist, for a set period of treatment, usually around 12 to 13 months. During this time you may also have to wear additional braces, to ensure that the pressure on your teeth is being placed in the correct position to get the desired results. 

How your dentist will fit them 
The fitting process for one of these see-through braces is where things can start to get a little science fictional. When you go to an appointment for Invisalign in St John’s Wood, your dentist will use scanning technology, instead of the classic dental plaster, to map out the shape and size of your teeth, creating a 3D image of your mouth. This is then shaped and changed digitally by your dentist to show you how they will help fix your overbite. Once a treatment plan has been established a laboratory will then produce your custom fitting brace which you will need to wear going forward, for a minimum of 22 hours a day. 

How long do the braces last? 
Generally braces are pretty sturdy. As long as you take proper care of it and regularly clean it, the appliance should last you through the course of your treatment. If, at any point, you feel there may be a problem with your aligner you can chat to your dental team about it. 

Keeping your brace clean 
Regular maintenance of the aligners are a must and keeping your braces clean is incredibly easy. Take a small amount of appropriate cleaning solution, then mix it with water and lightly brush this mixture across the appliance to keep it clean, reduce staining and kill harmful bacteria. It’s generally recommended that you do this once every other day, as overzealous cleaning may damage the brace. You should also store it in a hard bodied container to dry, to allow it to remain sterile and safe from accidental damage. 

These are a few interesting facts about these braces and how they can help reduce your overbite. They can also realign any other crooked teeth you may have, to help you get that straightened smile you deserve. So, if you think this could benefit you, contact your local practice to learn more, or to book an appointment to have your own braces fitted.