Visiting the Dentist- More Than Teeth Cleaning!

When it comes to visiting the dentist, most people will say that they visit their dental practice twice a year for a check-up. However, most people are also not aware of the advanced range of treatments that are now available to them. People can have all sorts of issues with their teeth and smile, whether they think they have too many gaps, too many teeth or not enough, or that they just might not be white enough anymore. Your cosmetic dentist in Barnsley has a multitude of treatments to offer you, all of which will assist you when it comes to achieving the smile that you have been wishing for. If you are unhappy with your smile you should book a consultation appointment and discuss the options that are available to you with your dental practitioner. They will be able to inform you which treatments are most applicable to your individual situation.

Are you unsatisfied with your smile?
Over the years it is common to chip or crack a tooth, and many people assume that is the end of it and they have to go through the rest of their lives trying to hide their teeth. Veneers provide an ideal solution to this dilemma, as they are able to conceal any chips that are in your teeth. Veneers are secured to the surface of your teeth and can make them appear more aesthetically pleasing, by making your tooth seem either longer or wider. They can also boost the brightness of your teeth, but this is not their primary function. Cosmetic treatments can stretch to straightening your teeth, too. There are a wide range of braces now available, whether you need to correct an over or underbite or simply need to close up the gaps that are between your teeth. Your dental practitioner will be able to tell you what type of appliance you need at your consultation appointment. If you are worrying that a brace may make you feel self-conscious you could consider Invisalign, a completely clear brace that is easily removable for when you need to eat and brush your teeth.

Are you missing teeth?
It is common for someone to have a tooth knocked out in an accident or need it removed due to tooth decay. Your dentist can provide you with several solutions when it comes to replacing your teeth. If you are only missing one tooth you could have a tooth implant inserted and attach a crown to this to complete your smile. If you are missing more than one tooth, then you may require a partial denture. This is a removable appliance that enables you to eat properly again if you are missing a few teeth on the same side.  It is also possible to replace an entire set of teeth with full dentures. Both partial dentures and full dentures can be removable, or you can choose to get implants and have your dentures permanently fixed in your mouth. Some people prefer this option because it makes them feel like they have their original teeth back again.