Have You Heard the Buzz About Oral Implants?

Losing teeth is never fun; whether you have lost teeth through age, decay or injury, don’t you wish you could just pop them back in and everything would be as it was before? For years, you could always rely on good old fashioned dentures and bridges to make those gaps disappear, but more often than not, dentures move and can sometimes cause pressure sores on the gum line; not exactly fun.  If you are looking for dental implants near Windsor, you are in luck! Many dental surgeries offer this cosmetic and functional option to correct tooth loss and can provide you will all the advice you need for your aftercare as well. But why should you choose dental implants in Windsor over other restorative or cosmetic treatments?

Our natural teeth are the strongest bones in our body; they can withstand pressure that would shatter or break other bones. This can make replicating our teeth accurately very difficult. Implants are made from a combination of metal, resin, polymers and porcelain, making them very hardy and extremely unlikely to break. You can eat tougher foods without worry using implants and can even compete in contact sports without concern.

Of course, nobody wants to spend hours maintaining their smile each day. While you may need the odd trip to the hygienist to check on the implants and the surrounding gums, implants are low maintenance. As long as you brush them twice daily, have the traditional biannual check-up with your dentist and pay the odd visit to the hygienist, your implants can last for up to 20 years.

You are more likely to stick to a treatment option if it is comfortable and easy to adapt to. Many people who wear bridges or dentures state that in the first few weeks of use, both these appliances are uncomfortable and they worry about them moving or falling out. Implants sit in the jaw and as they are immovable, they cannot cause any friction related discomfort and do not require re-applying sealants or glue. They sit exactly as your natural teeth did and after a while, you will forget they aren’t your real teeth!

Confidence is key in life and any cosmetic procedure you undertake should improve your confidence, not leave you concerned about your prosthesis falling out! People who have had implants fitted have been amazed at the confidence boost it has given them. As the teeth are colour matched to fit in with your natural teeth, implants look completely natural. As they don’t move, you can smile, laugh and even eat trickier foods, like corn on the cob, without having to worry. Now that is a confidence booster!

These are just some of the reasons to opt for oral implants if you have a few gaps in your smile. If you need more information, contact your dentist today to see if implants are for you.