The Beauty of a Beautiful Smile

At any reputable dental practice it is important to the team that they are bringing every one of their patients the opportunity to see the true beauty of their smile. Dedicated staff members combine their years of training and experience in dentistry with a natural eye for beauty, to bring out the unique beauty that is within every person’s smile. It's understandable that many people are unhappy with their smile. Social pressures have made it necessary to have straight, white teeth in order to be accepted within some classes of society. Those people looking to excel in their given fields of expertise, who want to succeed in their business ventures or even their social and romantic interests may find that unconscious judgements based on their smile may hold them back. It is uncertain how much of this effect is self-fulfilling, due to esteem issues that may arise to not having perfectly straight and white teeth, but it seems certain a combination of both self-worth and social pressure can influence how a person is judged due to their teeth. A dentist in Mackay is very sensitive to these modern day concerns and as a result, provides a great number of different procedures specifically designed to whiten teeth, straighten teeth or otherwise perfect a patient’s smile in a number of ways, in order to alter the appearance to a more positively accepted image, for both the patient and society. 

What are some of these treatments? 
From a simple tooth whitening treatment that can be done quickly in the dental practice or in the comfort of a patient’s home, to complex and sometimes lengthy teeth straightening procedures, there is not much that cannot be done to gain the smile that many people hope for. Other treatment plans include the use of dental veneers, which have skyrocketed into popularity thanks to the many makeover TV programmes and celebrities who confidently sport these veneers over their original teeth. Veneers are very thin and very durable shells of porcelain that are glued to the outer and front surface of a patient’s teeth using a long lasting and strong cement. They can last upwards of 10 years when cared for correctly and work to cover a number of cosmetic concerns that a patient might have. Stubborn stains, cracked, chipped, broken and slightly misaligned teeth can all be successfully covered and protected with these porcelain veneers. Although not inexpensive, they prove to be a worthwhile investment for those patients who are looking for a dramatic change in a very short amount of time. By speaking with a friendly and non judgmental staff member, patients will discover that their years of experience and knowledgeable eye can provide invaluable information and advice about what treatment plan would be best suited in order to bring out the smile that the patient wants to present to the world. 

Every person has a truly beautiful smile that needs to be confidently shared in order to make the world a brighter and happier place to be in. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.