Looking for a Discreet Way to Straighten your Smile?

Many people hold back from getting braces because they don't feel comfortable with the idea. Whether it is because you are an adult and feel like you are too old to be wearing braces or because you are just incredibly self-conscious, there is a suitable solution for you. Getting Invisalign treatment in Kings Hill will completely change the way you feel about wearing braces. Instead of feeling insecure you will be excited about the new adventure you are about to embark upon to get straight teeth. Having a smile you feel proud of will boost your confidence and therefore your overall general happiness. A smile is amongst one of the first things that is noticed in someone, so it is important to be comfortable with yours. 

What is Invisalign? 
An almost invisible brace, this treatment is completely discreet and modest. The appliance is made of a strong plastic and fits snugly over your teeth. Many people will not even notice that you are wearing a brace until you point it out to them. It does not affect your speech either, so you can still maintain your confidence whilst going through the treatment process. It is easy to remove this type of brace when you need to eat and brush your teeth, so it does not interrupt with your daily routine either. The brace is custom-made to suit your needs and you will need to have a consultation with your dental practitioner before anything else, so they can talk you through the process and capture images of your teeth. Nine times out of ten this brace will be able to straighten your teeth, but occasionally you may need a different treatment first to prepare your teeth for wearing it. 

How does Invisalign work? 
After you have attended your consultation at the dental practice your custom-made aligners will be made for you. Once they have arrived you will have another appointment with your practitioner and then you can start wearing your aligners. The aligners work by gradually moving your teeth into a new position. You will have several different sets of aligners to wear in total before you achieve your final goal. You will need to wear the aligners in the correct order and keep them in for around two weeks each. They must be worn for at least twenty-two hours of the day otherwise the treatment may not work as it should. 

Every time you wear a new set of aligners you may feel a slight aching in your teeth or jaw. This is completely normal as it is where your teeth are being slowly moved into their new positions. You will soon start to notice a difference in your teeth after wearing your first few sets of aligners. The cost of your aligners will depend on the condition of your teeth. The more aligners you need to move your teeth into their new position, the more expensive it will be. If cost is something you are worried about you should speak to your dental practitioner to see if they can help. You need to make sure that your aligners are kept clean to avoid any plaque build-up as this can cause damage to your teeth in the future. Good oral hygiene is always important, but when you are undergoing treatment it is recommended to take extra care when cleaning your teeth, to reduce the risk of infection.