Why is Preventive Dentistry so Important for our Oral Health?

Taking care of your teeth is essential for several reasons, and should be stressed as a priority from early childhood. Activities like brushing your teeth and seeing your dentist in Stevenage frequently should be non negotiable in your life if you wish to achieve optimal dental health and hygiene. But why should we keep our mouths healthy and what happens if basic cleaning habits are not adhered to? We become more susceptible to a spectrum of oral health issues, including decaying teeth and gum disease. Read below on how you can improve the condition of your and your children’s teeth and gums. 

Cleaning teeth must be prioritised from an early age 
How you teach your offspring to clean their teeth and gums sets a precedent for how they will look after their teeth as adults. Not stressing the importance of brushing their teeth could result in early tooth decay, which impacts the coming in of their permanent adult teeth. You are more likely to experience minimal dental issues growing up if, as a child, you experienced a healthy mouth free of cavities. You might find it a struggle to get your child interested in cleaning their teeth, but there are ways to make the tasks more fun and to make seeing the dentist less of a thing to fear. Brush your teeth as a family and turn the seemingly arduous activity into a competitive game involving non-edible rewards. Buy colourful brushes decorated with your child’s favourite superhero or movie character, as well as flavoured toothpaste. Start taking your children to the dentist when their first teeth appear. Early exposure helps them to recognise the dental practice as a familiar space that they can feel comfortable in. Read them dental-focussed storybooks where the dentist plays the teeth-saving hero or roleplay, with you and your child taking turns being the dentist and the patient. 

How does a dentist promote healthy teeth and gums? 
The job of a dentist is endless: he or she is responsible for remove cavities, treating rotting teeth, performing dental emergencies, restoring missing teeth, and removing harmful disease-causing bacteria. While a dental practitioner has a role to play in keeping your oral health in mint condition, you do too. Most of the daily issues that tooth doctors see are preventable and easily fixed with vigorous and frequent brushing. For the most part, dental issues are not life and death, but they can restrict your life and make it intolerable. A lifetime of neglect could result in you losing your teeth, a common but often preventable issue as you get older. 

Save yourself from inconvenience, discomfort and pain in the future by:- 
Brushing your teeth twice a day for two to three minutes. Floss frequently if not daily. There is a technique to flossing that some people get wrong. Ask your dentist for a demonstration if you do not think you are flossing correctly. Always use fluoridated toothpaste when you brush your teeth. Fluoride is a vital mineral in pastes that combat bacteria while strengthening your enamel: the protective outer layer of your tooth. 

You go to a doctor when you are sick, so you should do the same when your face dental issues.