How Can You Straighten Your Smile?

Every year, many people get braces, whether it be because they are suffering from crooked and overlapping teeth or because they have several gaps in their teeth, it can make them feel just as worried about their teeth and smile. Sometimes a person’s jaw will not be aligned properly, and this will result in their front teeth protruding too much. However, whatever the reason is for you wanting straight teeth there will be a solution out there for you. Having your teeth straightened could dramatically boost your confidence, as being proud to show your smile is important in life. If you are not confident about your smile you may lack the desire to appear in photographs or eat in public, and this can impact your social life. Having treatment could resolve these issues for you by giving you the smile you want. 

Who can get this kind of treatment? 
Whilst it is relatively common to have your teeth straightened as a teenager, many people choose to undergo this treatment as an adult as well. It works by moving your jaw and teeth until they are in line and straight. Sometimes when people’s teeth overlap it means they are unable to clean them properly, which could lead to tooth decay amongst other problems. Straightening the teeth will correct these problems and ensure that your teeth have a better chance of being strong and healthy throughout your life. Some people will require more than one type of treatment, for example if they have an overbite, they may need to wear a removable device to align their jaw properly first, before working on straightening their teeth. It is always important to make an appointment with your dental professional to have them assess the condition of your teeth. This will allow them to make informed decisions on the kind of treatment that you will need, to achieve brilliantly straight teeth. 

Is it expensive to straighten your teeth? 
You are most likely to notice your teeth are crooked or that you have an overbite when your adult teeth start to come through. This generally happens around the early teens, and it is a good idea to seek corrective treatment then, rather than waiting until later, for a multitude of reasons. A young adult’s jawbone and teeth are more susceptible to being moved because they are still growing and forming. Getting the treatment before you are eighteen years of age also means the treatment is covered by the NHS, as all children under eighteen are entitled to this procedure. However, if you are an adult, you will most likely have to pay to have your teeth straightened. There are several options out there for people paying to have their teeth straightened privately, so you are able to choose the one that is most relevant to you and your lifestyle. If you are worried about having to pay for your treatment, then speak to your dentist. They may well be able to offer you a monthly payment option or give you a discount.