How are Dentists Providing Faster Results for Their Patients?

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Bromley, dentists are working tirelessly to provide their patients with the best technology and resources available so that dental repair and cosmetic enhancements can be completed quickly, effortlessly, are less costly and last longer. With the improvements of modern technology, dentists do not have to rely on external resources which can take several days to several weeks to order custom fitted crowns, veneers or onlays for their patient. One of the biggest complaints that patients who need to have crowns have, is the time that is needed from initial consultation to final result. After the first appointment and when diagnosis is made, they need to create moulds for the crown which can be uncomfortable at best. Temporary crowns are then fitted before the laboratory sends back the final crown to be made and applied at yet another dental appointment. Cerec eliminates this hassle and more. By taking a digital photograph of the tooth, the Cerec machine can simply do the rest. It takes about 30 minutes to make a tooth from the detailed and precise information that is acquired from the digital scan, which means no more moulds and no more temporary fittings. As a result, less dental appointments are required and there is less need for external support which in the end allows for a more cost effective product. The quality of the materials and the final result of the treatment is never compromised, whereby only the best is used to allow for maximum protection. 

What other advancements have been made? 
When one looks back at the recent history of dental care, then it can be said that every part of dental care, hygiene and techniques have been improved upon over the years. Some tried and tested techniques are still in use, such as traditional braces which still provide dentists with the best means to manipulate complex conditions of the orientation of teeth and the bite of a patient. However, improvements in materials and an understanding of placement of teeth and jaws allow for much shorter application times than was previously expected. 

A whole host of other teeth straightening devices have come onto the market as well, allowing for every person who has a concern with the appearance of their smile to correct it quickly and easily. Veneers were once a procedure only available for the rich and famous, with some risk to the health of the tooth, even causing concern for some professionals. These days, any person is able to discreetly cover up and protect a cracked, badly stained or chipped tooth with a veneer. Enamel still needs to be removed but less and less is needed and there is hope that in the near future there may be no need at all. The improvement in lighting, magnification and digital scanning has even allowed for restorative dental work to be more effective than ever before. Dentists can now spot very early signs of decay which can be dealt with before they become a problem.