Draw it up! Choosing a Solicitor for Your Company’s Paperwork

Becoming self-employed has never been more popular. In 2019, people registering as self-employed rose by over 65,000 compared to the previous year. This trend is due to more workers being able to access start-up loans along with more people wanting a better work/ life balance. Whether you are a sole trader or are going to be hiring employees, drawing up even the most basic employment contract can quickly become a serious minefield. Contracts must contain the correct phrasing and be written in a certain style for them to be considered legally binding. In the majority of employment documents, many are not considered legal unless they have been created, proofread and signed by a reputable solicitor. 

Aren’t all solicitors the same? 
When hunting for your solicitor, you may be under the illusion that all solicitor firms offer the same services. While on the surface this may appear to be the case, it is a common misconception. You will need to seek out an employment-based solicitor to ensure you get the correct service. Employment laws are constantly changing, and a solicitor who specialises in this area will be able to draw the most up-to-date contract or other business based paperwork. 

Though it may seem like a lot of hassle, hiring a solicitor to draw up an employment contract can actually save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. Managing a business is tough and will become more complicated if an employee comes to you with a workplace grievance that is not covered in their employment contract. If this grievance goes before an employment tribunal, you may find that the wording in the solicitor written documents can mean the difference between you winning at the tribunal or your company going bankrupt, due to having to pay compensation. 

Prevention is better than cure in all things and is especially important when it comes to employee management. Employment specialist solicitors can also offer advice to those looking to begin the hiring process, which can prevent workplace issues before they happen. This not only helps you set up your business to have contented workers, but it also adds in your favour if an employee lodges a complaint against you. 

If you are only just starting out as self-employed, chances are you have never had to juggle people management, business management, paperwork and all the other key pieces that come with running your own business. Investing in a solicitor who has experience helping small businesses can provide you with a real sense of security. You may not know how to navigate through paperwork or how to create the perfect working employer/employee relationship, but your solicitor will. This will set you up to being able to focus on what you actually want to be doing - which is running your business, without having to worry about legal jargon or other legal issues. 

Remember, research is key so choose your employment solicitor wisely.