Are Clear Braces Different From Invisible Ones?

Not too long ago, undergoing any type of dental realignment meant having to wear traditional orthodontic braces. While these were often beneficial, sometimes they could not be adapted to adjust minor misalignments, leading many patients to have unresolved alignment issues. As dentistry has evolved, so have the braces and today many dentists can offer treatments to suitable candidates, like clear braces in London, to help resolve those crooked, protruding teeth that are seen every day in dental practices. 

What are clear braces? 
In a nutshell, clear aligners in London are similar to traditional orthodontic braces, except that the brackets securing the wires to the teeth are either clear or tooth coloured, minimising the appearance. There are different types of clear braces; some are removable, like Invisalign and some are fixed to the teeth like Damon. Your dentist will discuss with you the best option to help you straighten your teeth and may even suggest treatments with more than one brace over a longer period for the best results. 

What’s the difference between clear braces and invisible ones? 
Typically, invisible braces are removable and are made of a flexible, plastic that fits over the teeth, creating an almost invisible appearance. Clear braces may have a similar design to this, but often they have one thin piece of metal that goes around the front of the teeth and in the case of fitted braces, the brackets are either clear or tooth coloured. Both removable clear braces and invisible braces work on a similar system. They use coils pushing against each other to move the teeth into position. Fitted invisible braces are more similar to the orthodontic brace, and often require tightening by your dentist. 

Will my teeth stay straight for the rest of my life? 
When you finish treatment with clear braces, you may need a retainer for a short while afterwards, to ensure your teeth stay in their new positions. Clear braces have an excellent success rate and therefore, when all your treatment is complete, your teeth should stay straight. If you are worried about recurrence of alignment problems, contact your dentist. 

How much do they cost? 
There are different brands of clear braces and they often have different prices for their braces. When you meet with your dentist to discuss clear braces, they will be able to explain the different fees involved. Please note that regardless of which dental surgery you have your clear braces fitted at, many practices offer dental plans or payment plans to help you spread the cost into monthly payments. 

Final thought 
Remember, if your dentist says you are unsuitable for clear braces, it is unlikely you will benefit from them at this current time. Clear braces are often used post orthodontic braces, so you may see the advantages of having clear braces in the future, if you require orthodontic braces as a first course of treatment. So it’s a new day out there for orthodontics, see what braces can do for you!