A Quick Fix: Getting Straight Teeth in Just Four to Six Months

By focusing on creating real results for their patients and eliminating the need for unnecessary extras, Clear Braces Direct in London are able to provide patients with a new smile that is aligned to their dreams in as little as a few months. Clear, nearly invisible aligners are fast becoming a popular method for teens and adults alike who are seeking a discreet and comfortable way to realign their teeth with enough flexibility involved to suit the demands of even the most discerning patients. They work by gently pushing teeth into a straighter alignment via a series of different aligning trays that are worn for approximately two weeks at a time. The system is precisely managed and established through the innovative digital scanning system that is used at the beginning of the treatment process. After a free initial suitability test has been passed, patients will be asked to present themselves for this unique and informative scan. By using the most advanced digital scanners and technology available, dentists are able to recreate a very precise and detailed image of their patient's teeth and information gleaned from this image is used to determine the exact movements that are needed to transform a smile and in what sequence. Perfectly fitting, tailor made clear aligners will be built from the details of this scan as well, creating aligning trays that are made precisely for the patient and them alone. By taking full advantage of the modern technology that is available, there is little room for human error meaning that results are precise and a lot faster than more traditional methods. 

Why else is this treatment so fast? 
Traditional methods of straightening teeth focus not only on the cosmetic aspect of the appearance of one’s smile. Dentists are more focused on the health of a person’s smile, in particular, correcting a misaligned bite which can have some seriously negative health impacts if left untreated. Complex cases can take years to correct and may be very uncomfortable for the patient going through the procedure. Although sometimes unavoidable, for those patients who do not have a complex case to deal with, getting to the root cause of the concern and creating an aesthetically pleasing smile is a much more simple task to be completed. Without the need for multiple bookings to visit the dentist as well, delays do not build up in the treatment process which could otherwise stagnate the smile perfecting procedure. By having a new set of aligners delivered straight to their door, patients do not need to bother about regular dental visits which require them to take time out of work or otherwise impact on their daily schedules. By taking control of their own smile and taking the necessary steps to ensure that they are aligning their teeth to their smile goals, patients can revel in the joy that comes after those months of dedication whereby they have a more beautiful and healthy smile for life. 

When taking the free suitability test, patients are one step closer to gaining that smile that they hope to see smiling back at them from the mirror every morning.