Want to Improve Your Smile? Consider These Treatments!

Professional cosmetic dentistry procedures in Barnsley offer more than aesthetically-pleasing results. Patients who go through them are also are more likely to have stronger teeth and better dental health. Among many other benefits, dentists have the opportunity to examine the condition of teeth, to identify dental issues such as mineral deficiencies and the build-up of enamel-destroying bacteria, and treat these conditions before more complex problems develop. The modern obsession with taking selfies has seen an increase in the number of patients seeking treatment to improve the look of their smiles. There are a number of teeth issues that can affect smile aesthetics. Patients may be unhappy with discoloured teeth, have overcrowded teeth or gaps in their teeth. Fortunately there are numerous treatments available to treat these issues and a consultation with a dental practitioner can determine which one is most suitable to provide a patient with a more expansive smile. Here’s a quick look at four cosmetic procedures that work to fixing crooked smiles: 

1.Laser contouring 
Laser contouring can be an effective cosmetic procedure to fix gummy smiles. The procedure involves cutting away excess gum tissue. The use of laser technology allows for precision cutting to provide a more proportioned aesthetically-pleasing shape. This is an easy and quick procedure. In a few cases patients may experience slight discomfort with others not even requiring anaesthetic. This dental procedure provides desired results for patients with gummy smiles, those with uneven gum lines, or patients with disproportionate teeth. Patients often experience quicker recovery times and there is minimal risk of bleeding and less likelihood of infection. 

2.Teeth bleaching 
In-clinic teeth bleaching is one of the fastest treatments for a brighter smile. While the method cannot straighten teeth, it can help lighten the shade of teeth and treat fluorosis – the formation of white spots on teeth. Treatments can be customised for patients and it must be noted that more than one session may be required to produce desired results. 

3.Arch expansion with Invisalign aligners 
Invisalign aligners have been found to have an enhancing effect on broadening smiles. Wide smiles have become associated with a more youthful look. These aligners work to widen the upper jaw and thereby align upper and bottom teeth more effectively. The anti-ageing benefits include firming up a sunken facial appearance and enhancing the contour of the jawline. 

4.Edge bonding 
For patients wanting marble-smooth edges on teeth, edge bonding can be particularly effective. The procedure is an ideal quick fix for chipped teeth and stained teeth. This smooth material that bonds to teeth, is sculpted to the desired shape and is then polished after hardening. 

For patients a smart way to rejuvenate worn out smiles is to consider minor teeth treatments offered by cosmetic dental procedures. These are often cost-effective ways to enjoy more expansive smiles. A consultation with a dentist will provide the most suitable treatment plan for best results.