General Dentistry Procedures- With a Twist

A lot of people find that they have some degree of dental anxiety or fear before they present themselves to a dentist in Mackay for a general check-up or when they know they need some general restorative work done in order for them to maintain the health of their smile. This is why it is important for a dental practice to ensure that they are doing all they can to prevent this anxiety. This can be done in several ways and as each person is unique, every person will find that they can handle their fears in a different way and in their own time. 

Some methods that are utilised by dentists, as they have been found to be fruitful, include educating their patients in any way they can about the upcoming procedure so that the patient feels in control of the situation. Creating an atmosphere in the dental practice that is light-hearted, friendly, professional and without images of dental diseases or the effects of decay on the walls, has also been found to be helpful. A clean and professional practice hidden behind doors from where a modern and comfortable waiting room sits provides the atmosphere needed to alleviate fear and promote feelings of calm. With competent dentists at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, general dental procedures can fly by without a hitch, leaving patients feeling further at ease upon their return and more likely to frequent the dentist to avoid further need for more restorative work. 

So what are some general dental procedures that can be carried out? A scale and polish are simple and common preventive procedure that ensures that the health of the teeth and gums remains in optimal condition. A dentist will remove tartar build up with specialised equipment and polish the teeth. This leaves a person with that fresh and clean feeling that can only be obtained by having their teeth professionally cleaned. If there are any fears regarding discomfort prior to the procedure beginning, a patient should discuss these fears so that a dentist can numb the teeth or provide sedative options so that the treatment can be carried out thoroughly and efficiently.  Fillings with a tooth coloured resin allows for a natural finish that cannot be detected when a person opens their mouth or smiles. It is important to clean away any infection or decay that is within a tooth that needs to be filled, so that further issues do not present themselves.  

Should a patient wish to replace any of their old metal fillings with tooth coloured resin, they should talk to their dentist and this can be arranged. By using hard-wearing materials, dentists can ensure that they are providing their patients with a long-lasting treatment that will not need replacing for many years. Being able to enjoy the results of these white fillings for longer are another simple way that responsible and caring dentists are able to provide great dentistry to their patients. 

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.